The IB Program

Today’s successful student is prepared for a globalized world, one that is interconnected and reliant on critical thinking skills and has a sense of international-mindedness.  The IB Diploma Program addresses that need through an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations to prepare students to succeed at the next learning level and beyond. The IB Program has been in existence since the 1960's. It is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities. The IB Program:

  • Balances subject breadth and depth, and considers the nature of knowledge across disciplines through the unique theory of knowledge course;
  • Encourages international-mindedness in IB students, with a four-year foreign language requirement;
  • Emphasizes the development of the whole student--physically, intellectually and ethically; and
  • Has a reputation for rigorous external assessment with published global standards, a qualification welcomed by universities worldwide.

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The IB Program at Nease

Nease’s IB Diploma Program was established in 1996, and is one of 77 IB programs in Florida.   To date, nearly 1,000 students have successfully completed the IB Program.  In the spring of 8th grade, interested students apply to Nease’s Pre-IB Program for 9th and 10th grade.  In the spring of 10th grade, students apply for the two-year IB Diploma Program for 11th and 12th grades. Admission draws from the entire county.  Students attend Pre-IB and  IB classes with other IB students and elective classes with classmates from throughout the student body.   Additionally, Nease offers an extensive Advanced Placement (AP) program.  IB students take many AP classes both as part of the IB Diploma Program curriculum and as electives. IB students take both AP and IB exams, enabling them to earn many hours of college credit.

The IB Program is interested in developing not just intellectual skills, but also the personal skills necessary to live in a globalized world.  The IB Program includes a component known as "CAS" which requires students to become involved in Creative, Action and Service activities. These activities enhance each student's  personal and interpersonal development.  At Nease, IB students are involved in almost every school sport, performing arts program, club and honor organization,  and often serve in leadership roles. Nease IB students have won many awards and recognitions throughout their high school careers, and are consistently are accepted by  top universities and colleges.

Class of 2023 Statistics

  • Number of IB Students (graduated seniors): 90
  • Average SAT Score: 1400 (RW 700, M 700)
  • Average ACT Score: 30 (Composite)
  • Average GPA: 4.35 weighted
  • IB Tests Passed: 94%
  • IB Diplomas Earned: 93%
  • AP Tests Passed during HS: (TBA)
  • Accepted to over 108 Colleges and Universities
  • Attending 23 Different Colleges and Universities
  • Offered over $2.8 Million in College Scholarships

In 2023, Nease Diploma students (11th & 12th) achieved a 94% pass rate on IB exams with 160 students taking a total of 772 exams in 23 subject areas.  On the IB exams, they averaged a 4.74 score on a 7-point scale.  Combined results from the last 5 years are shown below.

Test Subject  Tests Passed %
HL English 426/426 100%
HL/SL French 49/51 96%
HL/SL Spanish 390/391 99%
HL History of America 424/436 97%
HL Psychology 157/165 95%
SL Psychology 197/243 81%
HL Biology 39/40 98%
SL Biology 138/139 99%
HL Chemistry 19/20 95%
SL Chemistry 129/152 82%
HL Physics 13/18 72%
SL Physics 105/130 81%
HL Analysis & Approaches
SL Analysis & Approaches



HL Application & Interpretation
SL Application & Interpretation



HL/SL Film 93/103 90%
HL/SL Computer Science (Year 4) 52/76 68%
HL/SL Art 25/33 76%
IB Exams 2723/2899 94%
IB Diplomas 417/436 96%

Awards, Honors and Achievements

  • Nat’l Merit Semifinalists (2017-8; 2016-7; 2015-11; 2014-5)
  • Nat’l Merit Commended Students (2016-14; 2015-17; 2014-11)
  • Nat’l Achievement Scholar Semifinalists (2015, 2014)
  • Nat’l Hispanic Recognized Students (2016, 2015)
  • National AP Scholars (2015-5; 2014-14; 2013-5)
  • AP Scholars w/ Distinction (2015-73; 2014-82; 2013-70)
  • ACT Perfect Scores (2016, 2015, 2014)
  • University of Florida Lombardi Scholars (2013; 2010)
  • International Exchange Program scholars
  • National, state & regional science competitions award winners
  • Members of winning High-Q Academic Teams and Future Problem Solver Teams
  • Times-Union award winners
  • Members of Nease’s ranked Naval JROTC program
  • Jacksonville Youth Symphony Orchestra & All-State Band & Choir members
  • Performing & fine arts competitions award winners
  • Miss Nease & Junior Miss winners
  • All-County Athletes; Championship Team members and Individual Winners
  • Ambassadors of youth leadership programs
  • Eagle Scout & Girl Scout Gold Award winners
  • Many leadership positions in school organizations

History of Nease IB

  • First graduating class was in 1998.
  • Admission is competitive, drawing from the entire country.
  • 110 students graduated in 2020, making a total of 1,504 Nease IB graduates in 23 years.
  • Currently, 424 students are enrolled in the program: 71 Seniors, 88 Juniors, 120 Sophomores, & 145 Freshman.
  • All 159 Seniors and Juniors are full diploma candidates.
  • 49% of parents & 57% of grandparents are orginally from foreign countries.

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