Calendar of Events


Upcoming Events

  • August 29th: Booster meeting  
  • September 7th: College Fair
  • September 26th: Booster meeting
  • September 28th: Pizza Social
  • October 24th: Booster meeting
  • October 26th: Pizza Social
  • November 14th: Booster meeting
  • November 16th: Pizza Social
  • December 12th: Booster meeting
  • January 30th: Booster meeting
  • February 27th: Booster meeting
  • February 29th: Pizza Social
  • March 21st: IB Pinning 5:30
  • March 26th: Booster meeting
  • March 28th: Pizza Social
  • April 6th: 11th grade service project: Seamark Ranch
  • April 7th: 9th/10th grade service project: Apryle Showers Race
  • April 18th: 8th grade night
  • April 23rd: Booster meeting
  • April 25th: Pizza Social(IB Done photo)
  • May 1st: International Lunch for Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 14th: Booster meeting
  • May 20th: Senior Banquet 6pm

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