Panther Press – August 6th

Welcome back to the 21-22 school year!
Schedules will be available on HAC starting Monday, August 9th at 8am and will close at 4pm on Tuesday, August 10th. We will fix scheduling errors on Wednesday & Thursday before schedules are available again at 7:30am Friday, August 13th.
Scheduling errors include…
  • a hole in the schedule
  • a course on the schedule previously take    
  • a missing course needed for graduation
  • a missing course that is the next course in the progression from a course already taken. (For example, student took Spanish 1 last year with no grade lower than a C, but Spanish 2 is missing on schedule.)
Requests to change a course level, change an elective, switch from a brick & mortar course to virtual, or to change a teacher will not be honored.
SENIORS ONLY: modified period(s) might have been changed while classes were being balanced to meet class-size amendment requirements; therefore, requests to change a student’s modified period(s) will not be honored.
Families that have not completed the annual RSV (Returning Student Verification), have expired leases, or have not returned textbooks, laptops and/or hotspots from last year will NOT be able to see their schedule on August 9th.
For students to log into HAC
username is “s” in front of their student number – s140378
password is whatever they created.
For families that are brand new to St Johns County Public Schools (pre-registered this spring or registered this summer at Nease), you will need to email computer operator, Kelly Mullen, at [email protected] to receive student number and initial HAC information.
1st day of School is Monday, August 16th
Students can enter campus at 8:45am
1st period starts at 9:20am
Orientation Clarification
The link crew orientations are for students only. Mrs. Kunze WILL have a parent meeting in the auditorium during both freshman dates - Wed, Aug 11th and Thu, Aug 12th from 5:45pm to 7pm for parents who want to stay instead of leaving and returning at 7:30pm to pick-up their child.
Daily Silent Reflection
State law now requires a one minute of silent reflection to take place at the beginning of each school day. During this minute, students may not interfere with other student's participation. Teachers may not make suggestions as to the nature of any student's reflection. Parents are encouraged to discuss this moment of silence with their chidren and to make suggestions as to the best use of this time.
Planning Ahead
Students who are off campus any part of the day for any reason , need to plan ahead to accomdate adjustments to our bell schedule. It's imperative that students plan ahead as having to work will not be accepted as a valid excuse for an absence.
Wed, Aug 18th - Green day w/o 7th bell schedule to accommodate 9th & 10th grade assemblies
Fri, Aug 20th - HOME football game vs Flagler Palm Coast at 7pm
Week of August 23rd - SHARK WEEK - Dress up days to prepare for the big rival game on Friday.
Wed, Aug 25th - Gold day w/o 7th bell schedule to accommodate 12th & 11th grade assemblies
Fri, Aug 27th - AWAY football game at Ponte Vedra HS at 7pm
Wed, Sep 1st - First EXCEL
Mon, Sep 6th - Holiday!
Wed, Sep 8th - Green day w/o 7th bell schedule to make-up for being off on Monday.
Covid Protocols
  • Masks are OPTIONAL.
  • Students are encouraged to social distance and to continue to use good hygiene practices of washing hands.
  • The water fountains are available as bottle refill stations only, so students should carry a water bottle with them.
  • If masks are worn, students can ask teacher for desk partition to use in class, so mask can be removed.
School Counselors
We have a new guidance department this year. Mrs Gibbs & Mrs. Smith transferred to Tocoi Creek, Mrs. Harden received a promotion to the District Office, Mrs. Hollis transferred to PV/PV Rawlings closer to home, Mrs. Doane transferred to Creekside closer to home, and Ms. Kifah moved to Georgia.
We are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to restructure our guidance department. The counselors will be divided by GRADE LEVEL instead of by alpha. The counselors will move with students to the next grade level always having 2 counselors senior year.
12th grade - Mrs. Shannon Jordan (Last names A-K) [email protected]
AND Mrs. Laura Kuhel (Last names L-Z) [email protected]
11th grade - Mrs. Wendy Mollo [email protected]
10th grade - Mrs. Angel Sletto [email protected]
9th grade - VACANT but filling in until position is filled - Mrs. Katie Stricklin
(Her email is still under maiden name - [email protected])
ALL Dual Enrollment Students - Mrs. Katie Stricklin
(Her email is still under maiden name - [email protected])
ALL IB Students - Mrs. Kennedy right now, but once 9th grade counselor is hired Mrs. Katie Stricklin
Nurse - Mrs. Aberdeen
Nurse Aberdeen will be in the clinic on Thursday and Friday, August 12th & 13th from 8am to 3pm if you need to drop-off medicine or speak to her about your child.
Phone - 547-8326
Parent Drop-off and Pick-Up
Parent drop-off and pick-up is in front of the 2-story building (Panther Hall).
Students are allowed on campus at 8:45am. If students are dropped off earlier, they can stand or sit outside at the parent loop.
Students who remain on campus after 4:30pm MUST be with a coach, teacher, club sponsor, etc. Students are not allowed to "hang out" on campus unsupervised after 4:30pm.
Morning Drop-off
  • Please pull ALL the the way forward to the end of the covered walkway or to the car in front of you.
  • If the vehicle in front of you is taking longer to unload, please use your turn signal and go around them by moving to the left lane.
  • Students are only to be dropped off in the right lane closest to the sidewalk.
  • Where the 2 lanes merge to one, please be courteous and use a "you go, I go" approach to keep the traffic flowing.
  • If you arrive before 8:45am and have your child wait in the car until the gate is opened, please park in the visitor lot instead of waiting in the drop-off area. This will allow parents who want to drop-off and go the ability to do so.
  • Traffic starts to back up at 9am. If at all possible, please arrive early.
Afternoon Pick-up
  • Parents that arrive before 3pm (2pm Wed) need to park in the visitor lot and not wait in the pick-up area. Parents can check-out students until 3pm (2pm Wed), so they need to be able to get through the loop.
  • Parents can start parking in the loop to wait for dismissal after 3pm (2pm Wed).
  • Please pull ALL the way forward to the end of the awning.
  • Once you have everyone you are picking up, please use your turn signal to indicate that you are moving to the left lane.
  • When the vehicle in front of you leaves, please move foward until you reach the car in front of you.
  • Students are ONLY picked up in the right lane nearest the sidewalk.
  • Where the 2 lanes merge to one, please be courteous and use a "you go, I go" approach to keep the traffic flowing.
Student Crosswalk
Students are only allowed to cross Ray Road at the designated crosswalk near the bus loop. There are no flashing lights at the crosswalk, so students should not assume that all drivers are paying attention and see them crossing.
Students who ride the bus MUST know their bus number. The bus loop holds 24 buses, so students must look at 1 of the 4 boards that we have with bus numbers written in the order of their arrival, so they can find their bus. The buses arrive at different times each day, so buses are not always in the same spot. Students must pay attention. If students miss their bus, they will have to call a parent to come pick them up. Students must ride their assigned bus. Notes to ride home with a friend will not be approved.
If your child is a senior and you live in the World Golf Area and he/she needs to ride the bus, you MUST call transportation at 547-7810.
The St. Johns County School District Transportation office released bus routing information this past Tuesday through Home Access Center (HAC).
  •  If your student is eligible for transportation, you may log on to HAC at the following web address,
  •  Once you have logged into your HAC account, click on the Registration icon located in the top banner. You will then see a header for Transportation. Your student’s bus information will be listed below the header.
For information on accessing your HAC account or creating a new user HAC account, please visit the following website.
District Transportation Contact Numbers
*Please understand that we will be unavailable during dispatch hours (6:00am-9:00am and 1:45pm-4:15pm [Wed: 12:45pm-3:15pm]) in order to place our best focus and attention on safely transporting our students.
*We will resume communication during non-dispatch times.
*Please call your child’s school if you have a non-emergency question during dispatch times.
Topic(s)Number & Extension• For general questions
  • If your child missed bus pickup at the assigned bus stop
  • If you child did not get off the bus at the assigned stop
  • Field trips(904) 547-7810 Ext. 1
  • Lost items(904) 547-7810 Ext. 2
  • Bus routing and assigned stop(s)(904) 547-7810 Ext. 3
  • Employment(904) 547-7810 Ext. 4
  • ESE Transportation(904) 547-7810 Ext. 5
Lunch is determined by the student's 3rd period class on Green Days and 4th period class on Gold Days.
Students may bring their lunch or purchase food from the cafeteria. Outside deliveries are not accepted.
Students MUST scan thier ID to purchase food from the cafeteria. No exceptions! This is to prevent a student from using someone else's ID number and using money in their account.
During lunches, students may eat in the cafeteria, outside in PAC courtyard, or in the Media Center. To eat in the Media Center, students must pick-up a pass every morning. Fifty passes are available every day for each lunch.
Students eating in the Media Center who are also purchasing food from cafeteria, MUST go to the cafeteria first. Once students enter in the Media Center, they will not be allowed to leave.
Visitor or Volunteer on Campus
Every adult entering campus during school hours must be cleared through Keep 'n Track.
If you plan on attending any guidance/teacher/IEP/504 meetings, ROTC promotion ceremonies, athletic day signings, or volunteering, please complete the Keep 'n Track registration. Registrations are good for 3 years.
Attendance Procedures
We have listened to feedback regarding attendance procedures and have made significant changes we hope will make submitting early dismissal requests and absence notes much easier.
Attendance Clerk: Janette Aldana
Phone: 547-8324
Checkouts stop at 3pm on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri and 2pm on Wed.
The only way a child can be picked up after 3pm (2pm on Wed) is if an early dismissal request is submitted.
Excused Absences
  • Hard-copy excuse notes from parents are no longer necessary.
  • Parents are encouraged to fill out an online absentee form instead of submitting a paper note.
  • A doctor's note can be uploaded to the absentee form.
  • If online form is used, parents will be contacted via school messenger each afternoon when an excuse note is received and approved.
  • Hard-copy notes and/or doctor notes can still be given to the attendance clerk, if this is preferred.
  • New Absentee Form for 21-22
Early Dismissal Requests
  • Online process available this year; however paper forms are still accepted.
  • Guardian submits online early dismissal request using form by 10am to have dismissal approved OR student submits early dismissal request form by 10am to the attendance office.
  • Once early dismissal request is approved, student will be issed an early dismissal pass, so they can leave class at the appropriate time.
  • Students who drive themselves to school would still need to submit an early dismissal form to leave school early. (We call home to verifty request before child is allowed to leave.)
  • Emails, phone calls, and faxes will not be accepted to check-out early.
  • If the early dismissal is for a medical appointment and you would like the absence excused, the physican's note must be uploaded to the absentee form within 48 hours.
  • New Early Dismissal Form for 21-22
Pre-Approved Absences
  • Parents may request pre-approval for a trip by submitting the request form to the attendance office 5 days prior to the absence.
  • The form can be found on the attendance page of the NHS website.
Driver’s License
Florida law requires that minors who fail to satisfy attendance requirements will be ineligible for driving privileges. The School District is required to notify the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of the following:
  • Students ages 14-18 who accumulate fifteen (15) unexcused absences, not including out of school suspensions, in a ninety (90) calendar-day period.
  • Students between the ages of 16-18 who have signed a declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment.
  • Students ages 14-18 who are expelled.
  • Students ages 14-18 who did not enter school and for whom the school has received no indication of transfer to another educational setting.
These students may not be issued a driver’s license or learner driver’s license. Also, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall suspend any previously issued driver’s license or learner driver’s license of any such minor pursuant to Florida Statute 322.091. In order to have a driver’s license reinstated, the student must attend school regularly for thirty (30) days with no unexcused absences and pay the appropriate reinstatement fee.
Parent Schoology Access Codes
Schools are no longer permitted to provide Parent Access Codes verbally or through email. Parents can find their access code in THEIR STUDENT HAC account.
Onced logged into child's HAC account, parent access codes can be found on the Registration Page.
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